Webstore Insight

How to filter in Webstore Insight

It's All About Right Queries

You can create even complex queries very easily. Let's see a couple of examples.

Find extensions with in-app products with more than 1000 customers, and a minimum of 4 stars, sorted by a number of votes.

We can create such a rule in the filter panel of Webstore Insight by selecting only relevant fields.

This is just an example with only relevant fields shown. The filter panel in the app is much larger.

After you apply the filter (by clicking on the button or hitting enter), the table will be populated with data. You can sort by clicking on the column header, in this example the votes column.

Next one...

Give me all paid extensions.

You would be surprised, there are thousands.

Extensions with at least 15 reviews since the 1st of May 2020 with the word 'buy' in the review message.


All extensions with a rating of 4+ stars with 5000+ users, updated before 2nd of March 2020 with at least five 3+ star reviews since 1st of March.


Use The Power of Regular Exressions

Just be creative, for example:

All extensions where at least 1 review contains buying intention.


The sample query above will give you couple of hundreds extensions.

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